How it works

Step 1

Register with us.
This will supply us with all of your details enabling us to give you accurate up to date information at all times.

Step 2

Book your Mouse2House grocery delivery.
This must be done before placing your grocery order at the store. When doing so you will be asked the estimated value of your groceries, thus ensuring we have the capacity to transport your shopping.

If you have failed to reserve a grocery delivery slot with us, we can not guarantee to be able to deliver your shopping.

You will receive a reminder e-mail the week before your allocated delivery slot. This is to ensure that the delivery slot you have booked gets used, thus allowing us to keep prices low for our customers.

Step 3

Shop online at Ocado, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons or Iceland.
Please ensure when you check out that the delivery address is our depot and the delivery slot to our depot is booked for the day and time you have been given by us.

It is important to note that when you receive the confirmation of your order from your chosen supermarket you forward a copy to us at Mouse 2 House at least 48 hours before delivery is due to our depot.

Step 4

On your appointed delivery day we will contact you and let you know the estimated time we will be arriving at your designated drop-off point, we attempt to give you as much notice as possible to meet us. However, we cannot be responsible for situations outside of our control which cause a delay in the delivery time being met.

All we ask is you are there at the appointed time to collect your order.

Please note:
Whilst we will do our utmost to keep you informed of any possible delays, sometimes circumstances occur which are beyond our control and for which we can not be held responsible.

Whilst we take the utmost care in handling and transporting your shopping we can not be held responsible for any damage incurred through faulty packing of crates by your supermarket.


At Mouse2House we believe not all of our customers will want to buy their entire groceries from the UK, instead, preferring to maximize the opportunities available, enjoying the best of French cuisine but also having a few of the old favourites that English supermarkets offer.

We therefore do not impose a minimum order quantity.

One transport charge of 22.5% of the total shown on your receipt, including the supermarket delivery charge and before the deduction of any clubcard voucher, e-coupons or staff discounts. We do not charge delivery on any promotions – ie 2 for the price of 1: you will be charged transport on 1 item, not the 2. VAT is included.

If a supermarket offers items to you free of charge, and, as Mouse 2 House are physically transporting those goods on your behalf, you will be charged 22.5% of the actual value of the items as our transportation fee.


Payment is required on receipt of your delivery.

We accept the following terms of payment:

Please note: