How much frozen and chilled goods can I order?

Because of the flexibility of our transportation, we offer unrestricted quantities of frozen and chilled produce; this allows our customers to order exactly what they want whether it’s all frozen or all ambient.

What is ATP certification?

ATP is an agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the special equipment to be used for such carriage. It is referred to as the ATP agreement (after its French initials Agreement Transport Perishable).

It is illegal to transport perishable foodstuffs across an international boundary between countries that are signatories to the agreement unless the vehicle has an ATP certificate.

An ATP certificate ensures that the insulated body and the refrigeration unit have been tested by a third party and the two have been appropriately matched.

What is your minimum order value for groceries?

For groceries we have no minimum order value but you may be restricted by the supermarket web site. We charge a flat rate of 22.5% delivery regardless of the size of your order.

Can I order paint with my groceries?

No. Paint must be booked separately with us due to the way it is transported, and must not be included in with your groceries. Please contact usif you plan to order paint.

When do I pay for my delivery?

You pay the supermarket/retailer for the goods as you order them and check out from the store, you then pay a delivery charge to our driver at the point of delivery.

We accept the following terms of payment:

Please note:

Can I order my shopping from anywhere?

At the moment to maintain the cold chain on your frozen and chilled goods we are only accepting groceries from Tesco, Asda, Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons and Iceland.

What if I am missing grocery items from my supermarket delivery?

Our staff at the depot can not physically check every individual order which arrives at our depot. We cannot therefore be held responsible for anything missing from your delivery. Any discrepancy must be referred back to the supermarket. M2H will refund the 22.5% delivery charged on the missing items once you have given us proof of the supermarket refund. By using our services you accept these conditions.

What if the supermarket sends substitution grocery it ems?

Occasionally items you have ordered may not be available from store.   If you do not wish to receive substitutions with your delivery please ensure you advise the supermarket accordingly.  M2H cannot be responsible for either accepting or declining any substituted items which arrive at the depot.

What if my goods are out of date when I receive them?

M2H Staff can not check all sell by/use by dates on your groceries. You will therefore be charged 22.5% transport fee on any items refunded by your supermarket as out of date.

What if my goods are damaged when I receive them?

M2H Staff will not check the condition of your groceries. You will therefore be charged 22.5% transport fee on any items refunded by your supermarket as damaged.

What if any of my goods are left on the M2H lorry?

If, for whatever reason your goods are not collected at the allocated time.  M2H will hold your goods for a minimum of 4 weeks.  It will be your responsibility to arrange collection of the goods.  After the 4 week period the goods will be destroyed.